Thank you OH SO MUCH for the most AMAZING facial and chat today! You truly warmed my heart with love, kind words of wisdom, and my face is simply glowing! Also, I love my eyebrows…you are SO incredible at what you do, and your speaking ability in your prayers, I admire deeply. I adore you!!! —Monica

Thank you Julie, for such a lovely facial. Your kind and generous spirit put me at ease. You have such a respectful and affirming approach…I felt so cared for and comforted and I left your home feeling renewed inside and out.—Sue

After you did my make up, I think was walking taller… I’m not 5’4″ anymore. I think i’m more like 5’6″. Perhaps you could advertise your services as a growth hormone alternative? —Mary Jane

Man, you do such a great job with makeup, Julie! I can’t believe how pretty you make everyone look. My little girl said ‘mom, how come you look so beautiful in those pictures?’ (over my shoulder at the computer). I’m dead serious. You are a magician!!!! I love you! —Laura

Julie makes you feel special and beautiful from the inside out. She truly is an artist. —Shiloh

When speaking with Julie, I am always impressed. She has a level of professionalism and knowledge base of her products that make her a delight to work with. —Helen

Julie…How can I even begin to thank you for all you did in making Kathryne and Peter’s wedding day so special for me? From the minute I stepped in your studio, so warm and welcoming…it was magical. You transformed me into the Mother of the Groom. People would comment on my makeup and I would say: “Julie Lampros did it!” You are so talented! CHEERS to the best makeup artist around!! —Lisa

She is highly creative, passionate, and bright. She excels in her knowledge about skincare and wins the respect of others through her integrity and unwavering desire to bring out the best in her work. —Kelly

Julie’s clear and warm communication style is difficult to match. She is wonderful to work with, brings great passion to her work and always has a positive outlook and approach. —Lesli

Julie~ You did an absolutely stunning job yesterday on my client’s make up! Thank you so, so very much. I am so grateful for your expertise and your wonderful work !!! —Darcie

Julie is a natural. She is so professional and kind with a great grasp on her product knowledge. She takes the science in skincare and explains it in such an easy-to-understand way. —Vera

Hi Julie ~ I’m so blessed to have worked with you yesterday. I loved it, and I really am hoping to work with you again. Best to you! —Janna

Have you ever seen this beautiful woman’s work? I call her “Magic J, the make-up magician.” After just one make-up consultation with her, I received many compliments, from people who know me and from strangers. After the second consultation, my confidence took on a life of it’s own. I never had an interest in make up until Julie presented it as an art. —Mary

I was so thankful to work with Julie. Her make up application was wonderful and it added so much to my confidence for my pictures. I really appreciated her taking the extra time with me! —Shelley

I so enjoyed my facial, and waxings (eyebrow and lip- I like them!). I so appreciate your manner, kindness and positivity! I always feel better after I’ve seen you…Thank you for that! —Maureen

Julie…Thank you for all you do….Angela ADORED you, and she means it when she told me that she couldn’t imagine ever getting a facial from anyone else. Seriously …you are a skin genius. —Rose

Julie…Not only are you gorgeous and inspiring, but you are very easy for me to refer to people! —Tanya

Receiving a facial from Julie is like spending a lovely afternoon on a beach in Bali. In her beautiful treatment sanctuary you will find relaxation, a nurturing touch, wonderful products and emerge feeling rejuvenated. I am noticing with ongoing treatments and Julie’s incredible knowledge of skincare my face is glowing. A treatment from Julie is a true and well deserved gift to yourself. She is a gem. —Shelby